Consonance, a dark color scheme for IDA.
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Eugene Ching
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Consonance, a dark color theme for IDA.

The scheme is distributed in two forms:

  • A registry file (.reg) for versions of IDA that do not support color themes (IDA 6.3 and prior)

    If using the registry file, please take a suitable backup of your existing color scheme. The registry file will write to color scheme 4 and completely overwrite whatever that's there.

  • A color scheme file (.clr) for versions of IDA that support color themes (IDA 6.4 and likely later)

    This is a much safer option since they is supported directly in IDA. Also, subsequent maintenance, changes and enhancements for Consonance will be through the .clr file, and only major changes will be propagated to the registry file.

Please use as appropriate for your version. Hope you enjoy the theme!