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evil-gossip (WIP)

a simulation to find out which model - fully or sparsely connected provides better tolerance against multiple adversaries who can actively publish messages using a gossip protocol.

  • target: get all neutral nodes to agree that v is the correct message, within a number of ticks t.
  • all nodes broadcast at the same time each tick.
  • neutral nodes:
    • keep an internal counter of messages.
    • will bump the corresponding entry in the counter upon receiving.
    • always sends the message with the highest count.
  • good/evil nodes:
    • good always sends v.
    • evil always sends a different message != v.
    • in this implementation the potency of the evil nodes is necessarily maximised as they all send the identical evil message.
  • once only v is in circulation (by the neutral nodes) then the good nodes have won.
  • once t is used up, they have lost.

default parameters:

  • 0 < p ≤ 1.0 (p = prob. of a link between two nodes)
  • K = 25 (K = no. of good nodes)
  • N = 100 (N = no. of neutral nodes)
  • 10 ≤ B ≤ 50 (B = no. of evil nodes)
  • t = 500