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An experiment in modelling a gossip protocol of N peers, subject to each node sending M messages, and a bandwidth of B messages on each tick. Assumptions:

  • A fully reliable network, where no messages are dropped as long as fewer than B messages are sent.
  • All messages after B messages will fail and nodes will know of the failure.
  • Any node can send to any other node in the network.
  • All nodes send messages at the same time.

At each tick nodes that have received the message will try to communicate with at most M random, distinct nodes that they have not successfully sent to/received from, and a random subset of at most size B of those attempts will be succesful. The number of ticks required in order to make every node aware of the message is measured.

Default simulation parameters:

  • N = 100
  • 50 ≤ B ≤ 500
  • 1 ≤ M ≤ 20


To run the simulations and plot the results:

$ pip install statistics # pypy or python2
$ make install
$ make


  • Model network 'partitions', where each nodes belong to evenly sized clusters that can only communicate amongst one another, and have a 'leader' which can communicate with leaders from any other clusters. However the messages sent within and across clusters are also subject to bandwidth B.