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TinyDB __  _                                   __
      / /_(_)__  __ _________ _______  _______/ /
     / __/ / _ \/ // / __/ -_) __/ _ \/ __/ _  /
     \__/_/_//_/\_, /_/  \__/\__/\___/_/  \_,_/

Supported Pythons: 2.6+, 3.3+

Tinyrecord is a library which implements atomic transaction support for the TinyDB NoSQL database. It uses a record-first then execute architecture which allows us to minimize the time that we are within a thread lock. Usage example:

from tinydb import TinyDB, where
from tinyrecord import transaction

table = TinyDB('db.json').table('table')
with transaction(table) as tr:
    # insert a new record
    tr.insert({'username': 'john'})
    # update records matching a query
    tr.update({'invalid': True}, where('username') == 'john')
    # delete records
    tr.remove(where('invalid') == True)
    # update using a function
    tr.update_callable(updater, where(...))
    # insert many items

Note that due to performance reasons you cannot view the data within a transaction unless you've comitted. You will have to call operations on the transaction object and not the database itself. Since tinyrecord works with dictionaries and the latest API, it will only support the latest version (3.x).

Installation is as simple as pip install tinyrecord.