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JavaScript Shell

You can use font-blast to extract icons from any icon font - Font Awesome, Foundation, anything from Fontello etc. Font-blast will use the "super-font.svg " file to generate individual SVG/PNG files for each icon.

There are several reasons why you may want to split up the icon font:

  • Use the icons outside of web pages - so you can import individual icons as SVGs into Sketch, Illustrator, PowerPoint, or any other app to use for visual mockups/presentations.
  • Modify & repackage icons - you can change a specific icon to suit your taste, then repackage the font (with something like Font Squirrel)
  • Get high quality PNGs - high-quality PNGs with a transparent backgrounds of any or all icons in the font


Font-blast is light-weight and has relatively few dependencies. Font-blast does not require PhantomJS or any other binaries on the system, so it should work pretty much everywhere.

Note: PNG images are generated with the embedded batik-rasterizer, and you will need have java installed to do that (but it is not necessary for SVG generation).

$ npm install font-blast

Barebones usage

You can generate icons from the command line by called the script with two parameters: the SVG file of the font, and the directory where inidivual icons should be placed -


$ font-blast [svg-font-file] [destination-dir]
$ font-blast font-awesome.svg fa-icons/ 


var fontBlast = require('font-blast');
fontBlast('font-awesome.svg', 'fa-icons');

Better Usage

Smarter filenames

Just using the SVG file it is impossible to tell what the icon represents. Most icon-fonts have a mapping table which gives a human-friendly name to each unicode symbol. See