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== 0.6.x (in git)
=== New Features
* Updates DataMapper strategies to work with DataMapper 1.1 (Xavier Shay and Anthony Williams)
* for AR and PSQL, truncate all tables with one command, improving performance due to avoiding cascades (Leonid Shevtsov)
== 0.6.7 2011-04-21
=== Bugfixes
* Explicity require ERB. (Vít Ondruch)
* Cache DB connections, fixes referential integrity bug when using multiple DBs. (John Ferlito)
== 0.6.6 2011-03-16
=== Bugfixes
* Don't modify the array passed in with the :except key. (Eric Wollesen)
* Fixes version checking for postgresql. (Greg Barnett)
== 0.6.5 2011-03-08
=== Bugfixes
* When truncating in postgresql (>= 8.4) sequences are now reset. (Greg Barnett)
* Fixes the MongoDB truncation so non system collections starting with 'system' are not excluded for truncation. (Dmitry Naumov)
== 0.6.4 2011-02-21
=== Bugfixes
* Avoids trying to drop views in Postgres. (Bernerd Schaefer)
== 0.6.3 2011-02-09
=== New Features
* Configurable logger to aid in debugging database cleaner. (Marty Haught)
== 0.6.2 2011-02-04
=== New Features
* Support IBM_DB Adapter for table truncation. This is for DB2 >= 9.7 (GH-39 Samer Abukhait)
=== Bugfixes
* Reversed GH-41 after larger community discussion. Mongo indexes are no longer dropped. (Ben Mabey)
* Truncation strategy works on SqlServer tables with FKs. (GH-33, Hugo Freire)
== 0.6.1 2011-01-27
=== New Features
* Default strategies for all ORM libs are defined. (GH-36, GH-38 Prem Sichanugrist)
* Add a NullStrategy. (GH-6 Ben Mabey)
=== Bugfixes
* Mongo colletion indexes are dropped for collections being removed. (GH-41 Ben Mabey)
* Exclude database views from tables_to_truncate, if the connection adapter
supports reading from the ANSI standard information_schema views. (GH-25 Samer Abukhait)
* ORM types can be specified in string format and not mysteriously blowup. (GH-26 Ben Mabey)
* Do not remove MongoDB reserved system collections. (GH-24 Ches Martin)
== 0.6.0 2010-10-25 - The Multi-ORM/Connection Release
This release has the often asked for functionality of being able to clean
multiple databases within the same project. This involves being able to
clean databases managed by the same ORM (i.e. different connections) and
also being able to clean databases managed by distinct ORMs. So, for
example you can now use DatabaseCleaner on a project that has ActiveRecord
and Mongoid to help ensure all DBs all in a clean state. Please see the
README for more information. The old API has been preserved so this release
is backwards compatible.
This release is a result of Jon Rowe's hard work. Many thanks to Jon for all
of the hours and effort he put into making this feature request a reality.
=== New Features
* Ability to clean multiple database connections managed by the same ORM. (Jon Rowe)
* Ability to clean multiple DBs managed by different ORMs in same project. (Jon Rowe)
* Allows for the ActiveRecord config file (database.yml) to contain ERB and process it. (Fletcher Nichol)
* Mysql2Adapter support. (Kamal Fariz Mahyuddin and John Ferlito)
* Deletion strategy for ActiveRecord (Mikl Kurkov)
=== Bugfixes
* Updates the DataMapper truncation strategy to version 0.10.3. (Robert Rouse)
* Addresses Ruby 1.9 and 1.8 differences causing a bug in the AR PostgreSQLAdapter truncation strategy. (GH-14, James B. Byrne)
* Fixes syntax error that MySQL was throwing during DataMapper truncation. (Blake Gentry)
* Fixes truncation for PostgreSQL (Bodaniel Jeanes and Gabriel Sobrinho)
* Workaround for superclass mismatches for the ActiveRecord-jdbc-adapter (Toms Mikoss)
== 0.5.2
=== Bugfixes
* Removes extraneous puts call from configuration.rb. (Ben Mabey)
== 0.5.1 - The Mongoid Release
This release also attempts to fix AR for Rails 3 support. I have seen mixed reviews on this. Some people
claim the fixes allow for use in Rails3 while others have not had good luck with it. I plan on reworking
the way AR support is added so that it is more friendly with how Rails 3 uses autoload.
=== New features
* Clean and clean_with methods are now aliased to clean! and clean_with!. (Ben Mabey)
* Mongoid Support! (Sidney Burks)
=== Bugfixes
* Check PostgreSQL version >= 8.2 before using TRUNCATE CASCADE (James B. Byrne)
* Correct superclass is used in ActiveRecord connection adapters. (johnathan, Aslak Hellesoy, Ben Mabey)
== 0.5.0 2010-02-22 - The CouchPotato Release
=== New features
* Basic truncation support for CouchPotato / CouchDB. (Martin Rehfeld)
* SQLite3 on JRuby will fall back to delete if truncate doesn't work. (Darrin Holst)
* JDBC is used for ActiveRecord automaticaly when JRuby is detected. (Darrin Holst)
=== Bufixes
* MongoMapper truncation strategy now works with :only and :except options. (Ben Mabey)
== 0.4.3 2010-01-17
=== New features
* Truncation for ActiveRecord oracle_enhanced adapter. (Edgars Beigarts)
== 0.4.2 2010-01-12
=== Bufixes
* Datamapper truncation now uses 'select' instead of deprecated the 'query' method. (Steve Tooke)
== 0.4.1 2010-01-07
=== Bufixes
* Postgres tables with FKs now truncate (added TRUNCADE CASCADE) using Datamapper. (Ben Mabey)
== 0.4.0 2009-12-23 (The MongoMapper Edition)
=== New features
* MongoMapper support for the truncation strategy. (Aubrey Holland)
== 0.3.0 2009-12-20
=== New features
* DataMapper 0.10.0 Compatible. (Martin Gamsjaeger)
=== Bufixes
* Postgres tables with FKs now truncate (added TRUNCADE CASCADE). (Vika - yozhyk on github)
== 0.2.3 2009-05-30
=== New features
* Support for SQL Server truncation (Adam Meehan)
== 0.2.2 2009-05-08
=== Bufixes
* Added proper gemspec description and summary. (Ben Mabey, thanks to Martin Gamsjaeger)
=== New features
== 0.2.1 2009-05-08
=== Bufixes
* Removed extraneous TruncationBase class definition. (Ben Mabey)
== 0.2.0 2009-05-08 - The Datamapper Release
=== New features
* DataMapper strategies (Martin Gamsjaeger)
* Transaction
* Truncation - working SQLite3, MySQL adapters. Experimental Postgres adapter (not tested).
== 0.1.3 2009-04-30
=== New features
* PostgresSQLAdapter for AR to support the truncation strategy. (Alberto Perdomo)
=== Bufixes
* Added missing quotes around table names in truncation calls. (Michael MacDonald)
== 0.1.2 2009-03-05
=== New features
* JDBC Adapter to enable AR truncation strategy to work. (Kamal Fariz Mahyuddin)
== 0.1.1 2009-03-04 - Initial Release (Ben Mabey)
* Basic infrastructure
* Features, RSpec code examples
* ActiveRecord strategies
* Truncation - with MySQL, and SQLite3 adapters.
* Transaction - wrap your modifications and roll them back.