A randomized music theory rudiments worksheet/test and key generator
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A randomized music theory rudiments worksheet/test and key generator

The purpose of this program's existance is so that Eugene can run a command and have a random theory test/worksheet and key created using lilypond as a backend.


  • aural intervals (just fill in boxes)
  • clefs
  • note names
  • durations
  • diatonic semitones, chromatic semitones & wholetones
  • circle of fifths
  • key signatures
  • scale degrees
  • relative major/minor keys
  • scales
    • major
    • minor
    • chromatic/octatonic/wholetone
    • pentatonic/blues
    • modes
  • intervals
    • easy root simple (bottom note has a key signature)
    • hard root simple (bottom note does not have a key signature)
    • compound (more than an octave)
    • intervals in scales
  • chords (both in root or inversions)
    • major/minor chords
    • diminished/augmented chords
    • dominant 7th chords
    • extended 7th chords
    • clusters, quartal & polychords
  • cadences
  • transposing
  • time signatures
  • detect errors

We then call the program with parameters like: rudi --scales-majmin or: rudi --scales-majmin 20 or: rudi --draw-clefs 15 --scales-majmin or: rudi --all


  • Python 3
  • Lilypond 2.18 (it may run on newer versions but this has not been tested. I'll update it for future versions as they become stable in Gentoo.
  • Copy the cof.eps into the folder /usr/share/rudi/

The License is GPL V2