Web Crawler/Spider for NodeJS + server-side jQuery ;-)
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How to install

$ npm install crawler

How to test

$ node test/simple.js
$ node test/testrunner.js

Why / What ?

For now just check my lightning talk slides

Help & Forks welcomed! This is just starting for now.

Rough todolist :

  • Make Sizzle tests pass (jsdom bug? https://github.com/tmpvar/jsdom/issues#issue/81)
  • More crawling tests
  • Document the API
  • Get feedback on featureset for a 1.0 release (option for autofollowing links?)
  • Check how we can support other mimetypes than HTML
  • Add+test timeout parameter
  • Option to wait for callback to finish before freeing the pool resource (via another callback like next())
  • Events on queue empty / full


var Crawler = require("node-crawler").Crawler;

var c = new Crawler({
    "callback":function(error,result,$) {
        $("#content a:link").each(function(a) {

// Queue a list of URLs, with default callback
c.queue(["http://jamendo.com/","http://tedxparis.com", ...]);

// Queue URLs with custom callbacks
    "callback":function(error,result,$) {
        $("div:contains(Thank you)").after(" very much");

// Queue some HTML code directly without grabbing (mostly for tests)
    "html":"<p>This is a <strong>test</strong></p>"



  • Updated dependencies, notably node 0.4.x
  • Fixes jQuery being redownloaded at each page + include it in the tree
  • Cache support
  • Retries
  • Updated priority support with new generic-pool>=1.0.4