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build Makefile: fetch in-tree quicklisp and build against it. Feb 21, 2017
lib Pin to xmls 1.7 while trivial-feed is not xmls 3 compatible Aug 13, 2018
quicklisp Vendor in dependencies @ quicklisp 2018-07-11. Aug 13, 2018
src postmodern: fix simple-date SQL integration Aug 15, 2018
.gitignore .gitignore: ignore quicklisp/tmp and .../archives Aug 13, 2018
Makefile Makefile: find and link vendored systems to quicklisp/local-projects Aug 13, 2018
athens.conf.example Move athens.conf.example back to root. Feb 21, 2017
default.nix default.nix: ensure ASDF doesn’t search for system/user config Aug 17, 2018