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@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
;;;; System definition for document.export.html.
(defpackage document.export.html-asd
(:use :cl :asdf))
(in-package :document.export.html-asd)
(defsystem document-export-html
:components ((:file "export/html"))
:depends-on ("document" "html" "file-types"))
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
;;;; System definition for
(:use :cl :asdf))
(defsystem document-export-org-mode
:components ((:file "export/plain")
(:file "export/org-mode"
:depends-on ("export/plain")))
:depends-on ("document"))
@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
;;;; System definition for document.export.plain.
(defpackage document.export.plain-asd
(:use :cl :asdf))
(in-package :document.export.plain-asd)
(defsystem document-export-plain
:components ((:file "export/plain"))
:depends-on ("document"))
@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
;;;; System definition for document.import.plain.
(defpackage document.import.plain-asd
(:use :cl :asdf))
(in-package :document.import.plain-asd)
(defsystem document-import-plain
:components ((:file "import/plain"))
:depends-on ("document" "smug" "defmacro!"))
@@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
;;;; Defines named readtable for text markup syntax.
(in-package :document.macros)
(defun make-markup-reader (constructor)
"Returns function that reads string literal and applies CONSTRUCTOR."
(lambda (stream subchar arg)
`(funcall ,constructor ,(read stream t))))
(defreadtable syntax
(:merge :standard)
(:dispatch-macro-char #\# #\b (make-markup-reader #'make-bold))
(:dispatch-macro-char #\# #\i (make-markup-reader #'make-italic))
(:dispatch-macro-char #\# #\c (make-markup-reader #'make-code))
(:dispatch-macro-char #\# #\u (make-markup-reader #'make-url))
(:case :invert))
@@ -0,0 +1,49 @@
;;;; Macros for document construction.
(defpackage document.macros
(:use :cl
(:export :paragraph
(in-package :document.macros)
(defmacro paragraph (&rest text)
"Make a paragraph."
`(make-paragraph (list ,@text)))
(defmacro listing (&rest items)
"Make a listing."
`(make-listing (list ,@(loop for item in items
collect `(list ,@item)))))
(defmacro table ((&rest description) &rest rows)
"Make a table."
(list ,@description)
(list ,@(loop for row in rows
collect `(list ,@(loop for column in row
collect `(list ,@column)))))))
(defmacro media ((&rest description) url)
"Make a media object."
`(make-media (list ,@description) ,url))
(defmacro pre ((&rest description) code)
"Make code object."
`(make-pre (list ,@description) ,code))
(defmacro section ((&rest header) &rest document)
"Make section."
`(make-section (list ,@header)
(list ,@document)))
(defmacro document (&rest content)
`(list ,@content))
@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
;;;; System definition for document.
(defpackage document-asd
(:use :cl :asdf))
(in-package :document-asd)
(defsystem document
:components ((:file "document")
(:file "document-macros" :depends-on ("document"))
(:file "document-macros-syntax"
:depends-on ("document" "document-macros")))
:depends-on ("named-readtables"))
@@ -0,0 +1,118 @@
;;;; Simple documents.
(defpackage document
(:use :cl)
(:export :+paragraph+
(in-package :document)
(defconstant +paragraph+ :p
"Paragraph symbol.")
(defconstant +listing+ :l
"List symbol.")
(defconstant +table+ :t
"Table symbol.")
(defconstant +media+ :m
"Media symbol.")
(defconstant +pre+ :r
"Pre symbol.")
(defconstant +section+ :s
"Section symbol.")
(defconstant +bold+ :b
"Bold symbol.")
(defconstant +italic+ :i
"Italic symbol.")
(defconstant +code+ :c
"Code symbol.")
(defconstant +url+ :u
"URL symbol.")
(defun make-paragraph (text)
"Make a paragraph."
(list +paragraph+ text))
(defun make-listing (items)
"Make a listing."
(list +listing+ items))
(defun make-table (description rows)
"Make a table."
(list +table+ description rows))
(defun make-media (description url)
"Make a media object."
(list +media+ description url))
(defun make-pre (description code)
"Make code object."
(list +pre+ description code))
(defun make-section (header document)
"Make section."
(list +section+ header document))
(defun make-bold (string)
"Make bold text."
(list +bold+ string))
(defun make-italic (string)
"Make italic text."
(list +italic+ string))
(defun make-code (string)
"Make fixed-width text."
(list +code+ string))
(defun make-url (string)
"Make URL link."
(list +url+ string))
(defun content-type (content)
"Returns CONTENT's type."
(first content))
(defun content-values (content)
"Returns CONTENT's values."
(apply #'values (rest content)))
(defun section-content (section)
"Returns SECTION's content."
(third section))
(defun walk-document (document function)
"Walk over DOCUMENT and call (FUNCTION content) on content."
(dolist (content document)
(funcall function content)
(when (eq (content-type content) +section+)
(walk-document (section-content content) function))))
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+ {DOCUMENT.EXPORT.PLAIN} does not indent properly.
@@ -0,0 +1,71 @@
< Document: A meta format for simple documents
The purpose of this format is to ease the creation, storage and
publishing of documents. Documents contain a hierarchy of sections
which in return contain formatted text and media in form of
paragraphs, lists, tables, code and links. The goals are achieved by
specifying a human consumable but basic plain text format for in- and
output and implementing an internal tree-based format in common lisp.
< Contents of a document
Paragraphs are text bodies which contain formatting like *bold*,
_italic_ and {code} but also links like this one:
+ a list
+ _an_ item
+ *yet* another {one}
#media A short description of the picture.#
#table A short description of the table.#
| name | age | rating
| Jim | 33 | A
| Joe | 27 | B
| ... | ... | ...
#code A short description of the code.#
(defun pow (x n)
"Returns power N of X."
(if (= n 1)
(* x (pow x (- n 1)))))
Special interpretation of characters like \<, \>, \+, \|, \_, \{, \[, \#
and \\ can be prevented by quoting them with \\.
< Lisp representation
Documents in their lisp representation consist of a list hierarchy
made up of strings and symbols.
#table Formal definition of a document.#
| Element | Definition
| document | (\[paragraph\|list\|table\|media\|pre\|section...\])
| paragraph | (:p \<text\>)
| list | (:l (\<text...\>))
| table | (:t \<text\> ((\<textbody...\>))...)
| media | (:m \<text\> string)
| pre | (:r \<text\> string)
| section | (:s \<text\> \[document...\])
| text | (\[string\|bold\|italic\|code\|url...\])
| string | a vector of characters
| bold | (:b string)
| italic | (:i string)
| code | (:c string)
#code A sample document as an s-expression.#
((:s ("string")
(:p ("A " (:c "paragraph")))
(:l (((:b "bold"))
((:i "italic"))))))
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