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Virtual-TreeView for CrossVcl

This fork has modification which allow to use Virtual-TreeView together with CrossVcl ( to build VCL applications for macOS and Linux using Delphi Tokyo. Advanced


Virtual Treeview is a Delphi treeview control built from ground up. Many years of development made it one of the most flexible and advanced tree controls available today. Virtual Treeview starts off with the claim to improve many aspects of existing solutions and introduces some new technologies and principles which were not available before.

Help Needed: Any volunteer that takes care about C++ Builder bugs and packages?

I don't use C++ Builder and my experience with it is very limited. This makes it difficult to take care about bugs that are reported in C++ Builder and to maintain the C++ Builder packages. I would be great if someone would volunteer to do this. Please contact me at


V6 official release for RAD Studio XE3 to 10.2 Tokyo: JAM Software

For a Delphi XE2 compatible fork see: Fr0sT-Brutal/VirtualTreeView_mod/tree/fr0st_xe2

For a Delphi XE compatible fork see: sglienke/Virtual-TreeView

V5.5.3 for Delphi 7 to XE2: Download

V6 latest stable version with Windows XP/2003 support: GitHub

V7 unstable version (untested on Windows XP/2003): GitHub

For installation instruction see the "INSTALL.TXT" file in the ZIP. Delphinus-Support was added.

Recent Changes and Latest News

V6.7.0 has been officially released: Download

Technical Support

Please do not contact developers or JAM Software for technical support. Please try to get support from the community e.g. at Stack Overflow , Delphi Pages, Delphi Praxis or Embarcadero forums. Please do not use the issue tracker for getting support, only for reporting true bugs (see below).

Reporting Bugs

First of all, please make sure you are using the latest official version. When reporting a bug please include a sample project that allows us to quickly reproduce the bug. This can also be one of the demo projects that come with Virtual Treeview, modified to show the bug. If only small changes are required, a description is sufficient how a demo projects needs to be changed in order to replicate the bug. If you already have a solution, please supply a patch file or make a pull request.

Feature Requests

We currently focus on reducing the number of reported bugs and getting Virtual Treeview stable. Feature Requests will most likely not processed at the moment. We are only going to process enhancement requests if the new feature is of general interest and a source code patch based on the latest SVN revision is attached to the report. Please mark feature requests with the flag "Enhancement".


If you want to contribute, you are welcome. We always look for help, not only for the development of the Virtual Treeview control itself, but also for maintaining the sample projects, the help or the wiki. Please send an email to: joachim(dot)marder(a)


Virtual Treeview is published under a double license: MPL 1.1 and LGPL 2.1 with static linking excpetion as described here:

New project owner

JAM Software took Virtual Treeview under its wing in 2014, but not much will change besides the homepage and download location.


Virtual Treeview is a Delphi treeview control






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