Tools for importing and exporting bitcoin private keys with coinpunk
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Tools for importing and exporting bitcoin private keys with coinpunk

Coinpunk doesn't currently easily support getting your private key out of your wallet for importing with other bitcoin wallets such as Multibit or Electrum.

This tool provides some command line utilities so that you can get your private keys out of Coinpunk, as well as get your keys into Coinpunk.


Install the tools via:

$ npm install -g coinpunk-tools

This will create two command line tools called coinbase-import and coinbase-export.

NB: The email and password below are those that you use to login to

Example Usage

Convert your keys into a coinpunk wallet

If you have a file called mykeys.key which contains a newline separated file of your private keys, then you can convert it into a Coinpunk compatible wallet file by running coinbase-import:

$ coinpunk-import mypassword mykeys.key coinpunk-wallet.txt

Extract your private keys from a coinpunk wallet

Once you've backed up your coinpunk wallet, you can extract the private keys from it, so that you can import it into a third party Bitcoin wallet:

$ coinpunk-export mypassword coinpunk-wallet.txt my-keys.key