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Local open source contribution opportunities for new contributors
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New Contributors


Local (Eugene, OR) open source projects looking for brand new contributors.

Specifically for those looking to contribute to open source for the first time.

This is not the place for projects to look for free work. These issues are to help bring in new developers to the open source world. All listed here and submitting these labeled issues will be expected to help with providing more info, creation of pull requests, etc...

Contributions can be as small as typo fixes and as large as the code changes to front facing projects.

Issues should be:

  • small (less than an hour) 🕐
  • very descriptive 📄
  • not related to essential functionality of an application 🔌
  • locally testable 💻
  • not include or deal with security 🔓


The following repositories have agreed to open issues with the label "new contributors". These are small code changes specificly for those new to opens source, github, pull requests, etc...

To contribute you will need:

  • A github account :octocat:
  • Use of git (GUI or command line )
  • Employ the standard fork -> clone -> edit -> PR workflow as described here
  • Adhere to the EugeneWebDevs Code of Conduct

Available Issues

These repos may not always have issues, PRs make take time for approval. 🐌

Eugene Web Devs

Resources for more Open Source Projects

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