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A new tool for managing packages in Mandriva Linux
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This tool is supposed to be a replacement to the old rpmdrake as the main
package manager GUI tool for Mandriva Linux Distribution. It is a frontend to
mdvpkg server, which is the responsible to talk with urp/rpm.
Our first wish is to have as much feature as rpmdrake offered, but we plan to
have a much more rich and powerful set of capabilities. In fact, its search
functionalities already supersedes rpmdrake by allowing the user to choose more
than a filter (category, status, source and pattern) at once.

Some plans for the future:

- Search and package management based on History;
- Media management;
- Automatic updates;
- Version freezing;
- Transactions; 
- Be functionally attractive even for the more adicted CLI user ;-) 
- ...

Paulo - paulo (at) (frontend - mpm)
JVDM  - jvdm (at) (backend - mdvpkg)
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