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+On Ivy Bridge platform, when 3 display outputs are used, they can be used as
+long as both displays connected to the second and third output share the same
+resolution and refresh rate.
This tool allows to list possible combinations of outputs to be used for pipeB
and pipeC.
+So the following scenarios would work:
+- Just one output:
+ - use xrandr as usual. Any resolution on any output should work.
+- Two outputs
+ - use xrandr as usual. Any resolution on any 2 outputs should work.
+- Three outputs
+ - for the first output (VGA, LVDS or eDP), use xrandr as usual. Any
+ resolution should work.
+ - for the 2nd and 3rd outputs, use one of the valid outputs which this tool
+ can print out for you.
# xrandr
@@ -35,3 +50,4 @@ Valid modes for 3 display outputs:
--output HDMI1 --mode 800x600 --rate 60.3 --output DP1 --mode 800x600 --rate 60.3
--output HDMI1 --mode 800x600 --rate 56.2 --output DP1 --mode 800x600 --rate 56.2

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