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# Finds duplicated files with different digests in mdv packages
import sys
import os
def find_dups_digest(digests):
"""Finds duplicated files with different digests in packages"""
files = {}
dupes = {}
with open(digests, "r") as fd:
for z in fd:
pkg, f, digest = z.split("|", 2)
digest = digest.strip()
if f not in files:
files[f] = (pkg, digest)
# skip conflicts with self due to duplicates
old_pkg, old_digest = files[f]
if pkg == old_pkg:
if digest != old_digest:
dupe = (pkg, old_pkg)
if dupe not in dupes:
dupes[dupe] = []
dupes[dupe].append((f, digest, old_digest))
return dupes
if __name__ == "__main__":
dupes = find_dups_digest("digests")
for pkg in dupes:
pkg1, pkg2 = pkg
print "%s has %d duplicated files with %s:" % (pkg1, len(dupes[pkg]), pkg2)
for f, digest, old_digest in dupes[pkg]:
print " %s (%s != %s)" % (f, digest, old_digest)