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OpenClass is a simple open-source solution for class control, designed with the
following features in mind:
- small footprint
- light-weight functionality
- minimum of non-essential features
If you already know how italc, bluelab, mythware, iClass and similar solutions
work, you already know what OpenClass is. If you do not, here is some
OpenClass is a small class control solution, which helps teacher to control his
activities in the classroom. Among such activities, the most commonly used are:
(From teacher to student)
- screen projection (send content of teacher screen to all the students) in
different resolutions and bandwidth usage modes
- full-screen resolution-independent screen projection
- student attention request (blocking student activities and asking them to
look at teacher)
- viewing contents of all students screens at once
- direct messaging to students
- share a student screen with other students
- file sharing and URL sharing to enrich class activities
- shutting down student computers from teacher
- allow and reject students from a specific class
- allow to block students from attempting to connect to a class
- support for multi-seat configurations and multiple clients per machine (for
example, xdmcp-based environments)
(From student to teacher)
- automatic teacher discovery via broadcast
- receiving of teacher screen projection via multicasting protocol, suitable
for both wired and wireless environments
- "raise hand" functionality to call teacher attention
- possibility to select teacher to connect to
- automatic handling of network saturation and disconnection events
- support for Linux and Windows-based operating systems
- possibility to have multiple teachers and classes on same network/vlan
- multicast throttling to avoid saturating the network
- support for customization by means of skins/plugins
OpenClass is distributed according to GPL v2+ license, with a special exception
for skins/plugins, which can be distributed under any license as long as it
does not interferes with core OpenClass functionalities.
The developers of OpenClass want to make the project available to everyone, and
we want to continue to make the source code available and encourage outside
By adopting a such licensing model, we believe that we can remain open source
and encourage the freedom of development and contribution. In addition, it
makes it easier to use this project in situations where the GPL is not an
option. Of course, open-source licensing of plugins is skins is preferred and