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7GUIs in Scala-ScalaFX

This is an implementation of 7GUIs in Scala version 2.10 with ScalaFX in version 8.0.0-R4 as the toolkit. There is one package for each task with one or more Scala files. The solutions follow the functional paradigm as far as reasonable.

Setup Instructions

The project requires JDK 8. You also need sbt or maven to build the project. Please make sure that your sbt installation uses JDK 8. If you are not sure the following link might help you:

To run the code from the command line with sbt enter sbt run. You will be prompted with a list of executable files. By entering a corresponding number you can run a file.

You can import the project into Intellij IDEA or Netbeans as both these IDEs natively support sbt Scala projects.

To import the project into Eclipse or Scala IDE execute sbt eclipse (uncomment the corresponding line in project/plugins.sbt). This command will create Eclipse project files. After that you should be able to import the project into Eclipse.

There is also a pom.xml so that you should be able to work with maven.