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Simblin v0.4
* major redesign
* removed next/prev links
* show_posts view now lists post in a minimal fashion
* atom feed
Simblin v0.3
* decide if comments should be allowed for a blog post
* disqus comments support
* tab key works like an editor in textarea
* static content versioning
* post visibility (for drafts)
* major redesign
Simblin v0.2
* major site redesign
* category support
* archives
* create categories on archives page
* tag cloud
* ajax post deletion
* reregistration
Simblin v0.1
* registering (only one user)
* login/logout
* blog post creation
* view all blog posts
* view one blog post
* update a blog post
* delete a blog post
* associate tags with blogpost
* automatically delete unused tags
* ensured uniqueness of tags
* message flashing (feedback)
* simple design
* redirection to last visited page after login/logout/...
* built on sqlalchemy
* pagination
* view all posts of a tag
* ajax preview
* markdown support
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