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Wrapper class that provides an interface to the JavaScriptButtons for creating dynamically standalone PayPal buttons. These buttons do not uses the PayPal checkout/buy flow.


Types of buttons

  • PayPal Checkout buttons
  • PayPal Credit buttons
  • generic PayPal buttons

PayPal Checkout button

This is a generic gold|silver|blue button that may contain the PayPal logo, optionally a custom prefix|sufix and a tagline.

See the createCheckoutButton function.

PayPal Credit button

This is a blue PayPal CREDIT button that may contain the PayPal logo, optionally a custom prefix|sufix.

See the createCreditButton function.

Generic PayPal button

This is an alternative to the PayPal Checkout|Credit button. It allows buttons creation by choosing a predefined PayPal style.

See the createCheckoutButton function.


The JavaScriptButtons library (and why not this wrapper) may be used even to generate generic buttons that has nothing to do with PayPal. Just use a custom caption, don't show any logo and that's it!


If you want to test all possible ways a PayPal button can be created then please check out the PseudoShop demo application. This application is not especially created for this button only, however it may be used for it. Make sure you choose PayPal button option then click the Show advanced option toggle. A PayPal button options fieldset will allow you to set whatever properties oyu need to create a fully customized PayPal button on the fly (make sure you apply the changes by clicking the Apply changes button).


The JavaScript source files are annotated according to JSDoc specification and thus the source documentation can be produced on the fly by using the JSDoc tool.

In order to generate the JSDoc documentation you should follow the steps below. In case you want to use the JSDoc default template skip the step (1) below.

  1. install your preferred JSDoc template (eg. npm install minami)
  • make sure you update the opts.template property with the path to the installed JSDoc template in project's conf.json file
  1. run the following command at the terminal: jsdoc -c path-to-conf.json
  • this will create a jsdoc folder that will contain the auto-generated JSDoc documentation for the JavaScript source files


Wrapper class that allows to create PayPal buttons dynamically using the JavaScriptButtons







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