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An arbitrary-spectrum spatial visual stimulator for vision research
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Open Visual Stimulator

This repository holds the resources for a flexible, spatial visual stimulator with up to 6 chromatic channels. It combines commercial digital light processing (DLP) devices with open hard- and software components that can be easily adapted to the experimentalist’s specific needs. With this we intend to start a community effort of sharing and further developing a common stimulator design.

Please find more details on the stimulator in the following preprint:

Franke K*, Maia Chagas A*, Zhao Z, Zimmermann MJY, Qiu Y, Szatko K, Baden T, Euler T# (2019). Preprint: An arbitrary-spectrum spatial visual stimulator for vision research. bioRxiv 10.1101/649566

Ordering of PCB boards

If you are interested in ordering boards and components, please find more information in the boards folder file.

Repository structure

├───boards                                LED driver/blanking boards
│   ├───lcr_add-on                        - KiCad files for board that combines LCr and blanking signals
|   |   ├───connector_coaxial.pretty        - BNC connector description (KiCad)
|   |   └───gerber                          - Gerber files for circuit board
│   └───mosfet_circuit                    - KiCad files for board that switches switch LEDs
|   |   ├───connector_coaxial.pretty        - BNC connector description (KiCad)
|   |   └───gerber                          - Gerber files for circuit board
|   └───arduino_code_for_testing_circuits   - Arduino code to emulate blanking and LCr signals
|       └───lcr_emulator
├───printed_parts                         OpenSCAD and STL files for 3D printed parts
|   |                                     (e.g. fish "cinema")
│   └───optical_components                - optomechanical parts
├───calibration_mouse                     Calibration of dichroic mouse stimulator
│   ├───data                              - recorded calibration data (custom LEDs and TFT monitor)
│   ├───datasheets                        - spectrometer data sheet, etc.
│   ├───filters                           - dichroic filter spectra
│   ├───light-sources                     - spectra of LEDs
│   ├───opsins                            - mouse opsin sensitivity curves
│   ├───scripts                           - Python scripts used in iPython notebooks
|   └───spectrometer-calibration-files    - USB2+ calibration data
└───calibration_zebrafish                 Calibration of tetrachromatic zebrafish stimulator
    ├───data                              - recorded calibration data
    |    ├───powermeter_recording
    |    └───spectrometer_recording
    |        └───correction_curves
    ├───datasheets                        - spectrometer data sheet, etc.
    └───led_spectra_after_teflon          - LED spectra measured behind the teflon screen
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