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Heim is the backend and frontend of euphoria, a real-time community platform. The backend is a Go server that speaks JSON over WebSockets, persisting data to PostgreSQL. Our web client is built in React/Reflux.

Currently, heim is released in a pre-alpha state. Please be advised that new development is currently being prioritized over stability. We're releasing in this form because we want to open up our codebase and development progress. We will make breaking changes to the protocol, and will be slow to merge complex pull requests while we get our core building blocks in place.

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Getting started

  1. Install git, docker, and docker-compose.

  2. Ensure dependencies are fetched: run git submodule update --init in this repo directory.

Running a server

  1. Build the client static files: docker-compose run frontend.

  2. Init your db: docker-compose run upgradedb sql-migrate up.

  3. Start the server: docker-compose up backend.

Heim is now running on port 8080. \o/

Developing the client (connected to

  1. Launch the standalone static server and build watcher:
    docker-compose run --service-ports frontend gulp develop

  2. To connect to &test on using your local client, open: http://localhost:8080/room/test/#connect=

Running tests


docker-compose run backend go test -v

Note: some tests require a database. See the CI automation script for more context.


docker-compose run frontend npm test


Questions? Feedback? Ideas? Come join us in &heim or email


Software code is distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

Art and documentation are distributed under the terms of the CC-BY 4.0 license.

See for licensing details.