Weekly WCA-style speedcubing competitions with bonus events, and more!
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cubers.io is a web app where you can participate in WCA-style speedcubing competitions every week!

Each weekly competition holds every WCA event (with the exception of 3x3 Multi-Blind), as well as a rotating selection of bonus events which you can't find in any official competition.


Visually pleasing UI

See a list of all events being held during this week's competition, as well as indications to which events you have completed and which events are in-progress. If you are logged-in, all progress is saved automatically.

cubers.io homepage

Clicking on an event brings you to a timer, where you can see the scrambles for the event as well as a scramble preview image for supported event. Times are recorded for you to track your progress, and a context menu is available for manual time entry and administration of time solve penalties.

cubers.io event page

See a summary of your results for this week by clicking the "Summary" button at the bottom of the home page.

cubers.io summary page

Wide variety of WCA and non-WCA events

all events

Full user profile

cubers.io provides a thorough user profile, which includes overall participation statistics,

user stats

a summary of your personal bests for all events, and how you rank among other participants on the site,

user personal bests

and a full participation history over each competition, for each event, indicating your personal bests over time as you achieved them:

user history

Competition leaderboards

For every competition hosted in cubers.io (including the active one), you can view an overall list of user results and rankings, broken down by event:

competition leaderboard

Event records and overall user sum of ranks

Every event has a records page, where you can view each user's personal best single and average for that event. Users are ranked according to their best times achieved.

event records

As an indicator of overall cubing prowess, each user is assigned a cumulative sum of ranks across all events, as well as separate sum of ranks statistics which only consider WCA events, and non-WCA events.

sum of ranks

Reddit /r/cubers integration

Results are posted as comments to the /r/cubers Reddit competition thread on your behalf, as you complete events.

reddit comment