The PolargraphSD case

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The PolargraphSD has a case made of 16 laser cut acrylic parts. The case is not strictly necessary, but the touchscreen on the Polarshield is susceptible to a static electricity issue that makes it unresponsive. It's a temporary problem, but it's damn annoying and very hard to fix.

  1. The parts can be got here from, designed to be cut from 3mm material. The part are held together with 10mm long M3 bolts and nuts.

  1. Snap the first part into place. It's fragile, and is a snap-fit.

  1. The part snapped on.

  1. Added faceplate, driver plate and other LCD holder.

  1. Put this sub assembly together upside down, and introduce the board to it upside down too.

  1. Slide the back into place. The metal tabs from the PSU jack are slightly long, so bend them over, or snip them off before adding this back part.

  1. M3 nuts go into the slots. I use tweezers to place them.

  1. The top plate goes on and holds most of the pieces together. Two 12mm M3 bolts (and washers) complete this stage.

  1. The part here has a notch on the top end, that a nut fits into.

  1. More nuts and bolts to hold this end piece (as well as the base) on.

  1. A U-shaped piece surrounds the PSU jack on the Polarshield.