How to build the firmware

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How to build the Polargraph Server firmware for ESP32

The Polargraph Server for Polarshield and ESP32 is targetted at an Espressif ESP32 attached to v3.x of a Polarshield. It relies on having a touchscreen attached via SPI and will need a bit of work to remove that dependency if you don't have one.

  • A guide for building the hardware is here: PolargraphSD v3.0 construction.
  • The hardware in a PolargraphSD is a NodeMCU-32S, so choose that as the target board if you can.

Using PlatformIO to build firmware

This project is easily built using PlatformIO. This will automatically include all the libraries you need and is a delight to use.

Using Arduino IDE to build firmware

You can also use the Arduino IDE if you'd prefer, but you'll have to install your libraries yourself, and change the name of a folder.

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