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Work in progress. This is software produced as part of the emerging Polargraph Pro project.


The central artefact here is a couple of Polargraph machine "model" objects, and a web UI for controlling it. This is all pretty simple stuff, but is the core of the new Polargraph control software.

Secondarily, there are fairly sophisticated helper routines that are interested in capturing faces from a webcam (image_grabber), and converting them into vector artwork (pathfinder, contributed by nat-n) that are drawable using the polargraph machine.

These are in this repo, but are entirely separate to the central polarweb project in the sense that they have their own requirements and libraries, and getting one working doesn't necessarily mean the rest are working.


The first project goal is to make the machine automatic. It will hunt for faces when idle, and then draw what it finds into a set of available panels on a page. When all the panels are full, then it will beg for attention (new sheet, please).


Mercifully, it's all turned out to be in Python. It is targetting a Windows environment, but I think it's pretty cross-platform in reality.


  • pyserial
  • numpy
  • euclid
  • requests
  • flask
  • flask-assets
  • jsmin

Image Grabber:

  • OpenCV 2.* (cv2)

Pi: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install libopencv-dev sudo apt-get install python-opencv

http://stackoverflow com/questions/10417108/what-is-different-between-all-these-opencv-python-interfaces


  • Pillow


[Scriptdraw SVG test renderer] (