IdaS2ETracer: an IDA importer for S2E traces
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IdaS2ETracer: an IDA importer for S2E traces

This library is a plugin for IDA Pro, allowing to import specific S2E state traces
directly into IDA for static analysis.
Once imported into IDA, it is then possible to replay the execution back and forth 
in the trace replayer, as well as navigating through the dynamic call-graph.


In order to build, you need:
* IDAPro for linux (>= 6.4)
* IDA SDK (>= 6.4)

You can specify the path of your IDA SDK include files using `--with-idasdk`, and
choose where to install the .plx plugin by specifying the `--libdir`.

A typical installation would be as follow:

  # Assuming IDA 6.4 installed under /opt/ida-6.4
  autoreconf -i
  sudo ln -s /opt/ida-6.4/ /usr/lib/
  ./configure --with-idasdk=/home/user/idasdk64/include --libdir=/opt/ida-6.4/plugins
  sudo make install

You need a proper 32bits toolchain in order to compile and link against IDA.


Once properly built and installed, you will find the importer under the meny entry
Edit -> Plugins -> Import S2E trace. From there, please specify the location of the
trace file to import (usually named ExecutionTrace.dat) and the state/path number
(if not using symbolic mode, just accept the zero default).
After import, you will go directly into graph navigation mode.

You may want to inspect the trace in the "Trace window", or replay it in the replay
debugger. Be sure to check the "Suspend on debugging start" under "Debugger options"
before starting.


If the imported state was running in symbolic mode, some register content may not be
available as concrete value. Symbolic values are marked as `0x00DEAD00` values.