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This repository contains the prototye implementation of TSX-based CFI enforcement, as described in [1].

##Getting Started - The Easy Way## 0. cd tsxcfi && docker build -t=tsxcfi .

  1. docker run -ti tsxcfi

##Getting Started - The Hard Way## 0. Install the following packages: cmake ninja-build clang git patch build-essential nasm wget bison texinfo gawk

  1. Run bash This automatically fetches, patches and build llvm/clang, ld from glibc, musl-libc and libtsxcfifb. This can take a while.
  2. Run source inside your shell. This setups the required environment variables for compiling and executing tsxcfied binaries.
  3. Go in the test folder and run bash This compiles and run bzip2 and sqlite in 6 different flavors: native, hle, rtm, native-relro, hle-relro and rtm-relro.
  4. Switch to the desired mode with switch-native, switch-rtm or switch-hle and compile your program with clang-tsx or clang-tsx-relro.

##Folders & Files##

  • /: Contains the main install script, the scripts for compiling and a script for setting up the required environment variables.
  • build: Contains the install scripts and build folders for llvm/clang, glibc, musl-libc and libtsxcfifb
  • patches: Contains minor patch-files which are applied to the LLVM-backend and to glibc
  • src: Contains the source code for tsxcfi - mainly assembly-code for fallback-paths, the LLVM-Backend passes and the pre- and postprocessing scripts.
  • test: Contains the test-programs instrumented in the paper.

[1] Muench, M., Pagani, F., Shoshitaishvili, Y., Kruegel, C., Vigna, G., Balzarotti, D.: "Taming Transactions: Towards Hardware-Assisted Control Flow Integrity Using Transactional Memory", 19th Symposium on Research in Attacks, Intrusions and Defenses (RAID), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer Verlag. France, September 2016.


Prototye Implementation for TSX-based CFI Enforcement



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