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Euro-Argo ERIC

Euro-Argo is the European infrastructure for the Argo programme that aims at sustaining 1/4 of the global network and enhance coverage in European seas.

Welcome to euroargodev 👋

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Euroargodev is a collaborative platform, that allows code hosting, sharing and development, but also networking and discussion among the Argo users community and abroad.

Created in December 2019 for the Euro-Argo community to foster R&D and to provide a collaborative framework for the development and improvement of DMQC for Argo, the use of the platform has since then expanded and currently hosts tools and materials related to Argo in general.

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These are just examples of the euroargodev content, check out all other 💞 projects below ...

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  1. A public forum to talk about Quality Control of Argo measurements


  2. argopy Public

    A python library for Argo data beginners and experts

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  3. Argo float salinity calibration software

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  4. Here you can find find the jupyter notebooks that constitute the Argo Online school.

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  5. R tool for accessing, processing, and visualizing BGC Argo

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  6. Checking the status of the CTD Reference database (RDB)

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