Berlin Guide

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Help your fellow attendees find awesome ways to eat, drink and be merry while visiting Berlin for EuroClojure!

Food & Drinks

The app "foursquare" is generally very often used in Berlin, so tends to have more up to date reviews than Yelp (which should also be very full).

If you are American, you should avoid the Mexican food to not be disappointed. If you are British or Indian, you should similarly avoid the Indian food. You should try Vietnamese food here if you get the chance. Also, the Döner Kebab was invented here, should that take your fancy.

Food Trucks


  • Café Morgenrot around the corner from the venue has a buffet breakfast every Friday-Sunday which is on a "pay what you like" basis, between 6 and 12 euro
  • You can find bakeries around the city and at most subway places.


See also the vegan/vegetarian section.


See also the vegan/vegetarian & Pizza section.

Vegan & Vegetarian

Berlin is an excellent city for Vegan food, amongst the best in the world. Most places will know what the word "vegan" means and be able to cater for it accordingly. Checkout HappyCow and Foursquare for In Prenzlauer Berg, near the venue, you can find:





N.B. a lot of bars in Berlin are smoking bars. If they serve (substantial) food however, they're not allowed to be.

Unique Places

  • Normal tourist landmarks, check out the Jewish memorial in Mitte, the wall memorial near Bernauer Straße, and the "East Side Galleries" by Ostbahnhof where the old Berlin wall was turned into a graffit canvas for some of the best graffiti artists in the world
  • a reconstructed stasi prison in the East (the Hohenschönhausen Memorial)
  • C-Base, a unique hackerspace home of the Chaos Communication Club, with much neon lighting and supposedly a crashed spaceship


  • The Barn is often recommended, but note that children and laptops are forbidden in this cafe.


  • there are a couple of "dance clubs" that people of Berlin have been known to attend. Check out If you intend on doing this, remember to pack black clothes.
  • there is a nice jazz club in Mitte called B-flat
  • you can find rock and indie at Monarch bar near Kottbusser Tor

Sights and Things to Do

Getting around Berlin

Berlin is generally very well connected with fast and reliable public transport.

  • Tickets are based on time here, and it's very important to stamp them before getting on a train. Ticket inspectors are in plain clothes, and charge fines.
  • Except at the airport, you usually cannot buy tickets with a Visa/Mastercard. Either get all your tickets in advance at the airport, or be prepared to pay the machines with cash.
  • You can get a "4 Fahrten Karte", which is 4 singles for 9€. This will print 4 single tickets that are valid for 2 hours in one direction after being stamped in the machine next to the ticket machine.
  • A day ticket is 7€ and a week ticket is 30€. It's probably not worth getting a tourist ticket, this is quite pricey to give you a discount on the museums
  • The area that you want to buy is "AB", unless you go to Schönefeld Airport, which is in the C area. Tegel airport is still within the B area. You can get a single extension to the C area for 1.60€
Types of connections
  • There are 3 main types of travel around Berlin.
    • U-Bahn, the underground network (which is not entirely underground)
    • S-Bahn, the overground network run by the Deutsche Bahn (same tickets as before)
    • the Straßenbahn, the tram network
  • Near the venue is a U2 station, Eberswaldestr, and some Tram stops. You can get all of these from Alexanderplatz, the centre of East Germany. A good rule of thumb is to get accommodation that you can easily get to Alexanderplatz from (this is an easy requirement!)
  • Taxis are heavily regulated in Berlin. You typically don't negotiate prices and instead go for the meter
  • Uber works, but at the moment only to hail normal taxis, which they will charge a surcharge on top. MyTaxi is a similar app where you can choose to pay in cash (at meter price) or slightly more using the app


@martinklepsch: I compiled this map of nice restaurtants and potentially interesting things to do in and around Nekölln (20min from Prenzlauer Berg via U8) a while ago: