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This wiki page is for suggestions for EuroClojure 2017 "Unsessions". Unsessions give you the opportunity to propose your own topics and find others with similar interests. We'll have several spaces available at the conference venue on the night of July 20th.

  • When: Thursday, July 20th, 7:30-10:30 pm
  • Where: Conference venue


PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE - email events@cognitect.com

Time Kesselhaus Palais Outside patio (no AV)
7:30 pm The future of REPLs clojure.spec Improving the Clojure beginner's experience
8:30 pm Clojure Data Science How to organize local Clojure community OPEN
9:30 pm Workflow/business process engine in Clojure defjoke OPEN


Clojure Data Science: Practitioners, Libraries and Ecosystem

  • Hosted by: Nils Blum-Oeste (nils@blum-oeste.de, @nblumoe on Clojurians-Slack), help/co-host more than welcome!
  • Description: People are definitely interested in doing Data Science with Clojure and cool projects, talks and libraries exist. However, a dissatisfaction with the existing ecosystems has also been expressed on multiple occasions. This unsession aims at connecting people interested in Clojure Data Science, to identify and refine the need for libraries, contributors and maintainers. Where should Clojure Data Science be heading? Catching up with Python and R? Establishing a dedicated niche? Becoming a platform for Data Science driven applications? Something completely different? Please join this unsession if you are interested in discussing and shaping these topics.
  • Interest: Add your ID here if interested -- @daveliepmann, @wagjo, @joelkuiper, @borkdude, @ViktorSchepik, @vijaykiran, @mariana, @chrjs, @dtolpin, @viesti, @Jell, @Robsteranium, @jkouros, @julienba, @obarbeau, @mi-mina, @drobban, @bonega

defjoke - impure jokes with Clojure

  • Hosted by: Ray McDermott (@raymcdermott)
  • Description: Find out how spec and data driven function composition will turn your tired ticklers into roaring ravers. Yes, I read the Wikipedia page on humour so that you don't have to. Wikipedia tells us that surprise is an element of humour, so I hope you will surprise me by adding your name to the list below 👇
  • Interest: Add your ID here if interested -- @foobar27, @vijaykiran, @bonega, @drobban

The future of REPLs - Unrepl + Unravel

  • Hosted by: Paulus Esterhazy (@pesterhazy), Andrea Richiardi (@arichiardi)
  • Description: What is the future of Clojure tooling and in particular REPLs? Following up on Stuart Holloway's Repl Driven Development latest talk, we will trying to shape what a REPL should look like and why nRepl fails on that. We will also explore a very new take on this: unrepl (and Paulus's client unravel).
  • Interest: Add your ID here if interested -- @viesti, @Jell, @Dj3bbZ, @obarbeau, @mi-mina, @rubenbakker


  • Hosted by: Alex Miller (@puredanger)
  • Description: Open Q&A about spec - bring your questions!
  • Interest: Add your ID here if interested -- @bsb, @Dj3bbZ, @mgrbyte, @rubenbakker,@drobban, @bonega

How to organize local Clojure community

  • Hosted by: @danskarda
  • Description: Do you want to start Clojure community in your city and do not know where to start? Are you experienced meetup organizer? Come and join our unsession to share your experience and get inspired on how to organize local Clojure meetup / functional programming community. The unsession will be organized as a round table discussion. Please prepare short introduction of your community and set of questions / topics which you are interested in.
  • Interest:

Workflow/business process engine in Clojure

  • Hosted by: @gene (Eugene Lukyanchuk, agnivalent@gmail.com)
  • Description: How can we easily describe a business process going through a graph of manual or automatic steps? How can we describe what pieces of data are transformed and when? Can we genereate user interfaces, validation and controllers based on that data? Is it easy to apply role-based access to the actions? I think all this can be done in much simpler way in Clojure than in those monstrous Java frameworks. Let's discuss that if you're interested!
  • Interest: @jacobmendoza, @rogeroo

Improving the Clojure beginner's experience

  • Hosted by: Dave Liepmann (@daveliepmann)
  • Description: Are you relatively new to Clojure, or proficient in Clojure and interested in broadening the community? Please join and share your experience and thoughts. We'll talk about what Clojure beginners need to be successful--tooling, learning materials, community--and how we can make it better. Will include (but not be limited to) a demo of a new programming environment custom-built for Clojure beginners.
  • Interest: Add your ID here if interested -- @joyclark, @realtin, @mi-mina, @rubenbakker, @daiyi
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