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This wiki page is for suggestions for EuroClojure 2016 "Unsessions". Unsessions give you the opportunity to propose your own topics and find others with similar interests. We'll have several spaces available at the conference venue on the night of Oct 25th.

  • When: Tuesday October 25th, 8-11 pm
  • Where: Old Market Hall (Conference venue)
  • Equipment: 2 LCD TV will be available in both balcony session areas
  • Refreshments: Beer, wine, soda will be complimentary


PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE - email events@cognitect.com

Time Balcony Area 1 Balcony Area 2 Ground Floor
8:00 pm otplike 8:00-8:30 How to organize local Clojure community
8:30-9:00 Clojure in Central Europe
8:00-8:30 Clojure Comedy
8:30-9:00 Games!
9:00 pm Cursive Why Programs Fail Games!
10:00 pm Clojure REST Machine Learning Games!


## Title
  • Hosted by: ...
  • Description: ...
  • Interest: Add your ID here if interested


### Clojure comedy
  • Hosted by: @raymcdermott
  • Description: With LISP, McCarthy made a shocking attempt to remove all jokes from LISP with defun. Clojure went one step further with defn and there is literally no fun in the language. This is the correct use of literally. Please come along to be subjected to more of this and similar nonsense. I only have 10-15 mins of material so the session can be squeezed between the others.
  • Interest: @conan @fjsousa @sassela @kristofsajdak @vijaykiran @fdelisi @nhat @adrienhaxaire @jarcane
### Why programs fail?
  • Hosted by: @danskarda
  • Description: A follow-up to talk Debugging with the Scientific Method by Stuart Halloway. How do you debug Clojure? What tools do you use? Anything from hammock driven debugging to Bret Victor or Andreas Zeller, from best practices to production horror stories and alien debugging technology you miss in your tools.
  • Interest: @almegren @tomasd @fjsousa @sassela @hantuzun @fdelisi @shinych @sbelak @katox @jtrtik @vojta
### How to organize local Clojure community
  • Hosted by: @danskarda
  • Description: Share your experience / get inspired how to organize local Clojure meetup / functional programming community. How do you organize a meetup and local community? How do you grow it?
  • Interest: @hantuzun @janherich @ordnungswidrig @katox @daslu
### Clojure in Central Europe
  • Hosted by: @danskarda
  • Description: Writing Clojure for a living in Central Europe.
  • Interest: @tomasd @janherich @sbelak @daveliepmann @ordnungswidrig @vojta
### [otplike](https://github.com/suprematic/otplike) - Erlang/OTP like processes and behaviours on top of core.async
  • Hosted by: @suprematic
  • Description: Although core.async provides a solid foundation for asynchronous applications, our experience shows that there is a need in higher level system building blocks. The gen_server equivalent is used to serialize sync/async access to state and ensure that possibly inconsistent state data will be discarded in case of a crash. Process linking/monitoring improves crash/error propagation and supervision covers recovery.
  • Interest: @danskarda @tomasd @fjsousa @janherich @shinych @sbelak @ordnungswidrig @katox @nvlass @jtrtik @aav @bbonev
### Cursive
  • Hosted by: Colin Fleming
  • Description: Cursive is a Clojure development plugin to IntelliJ. Want to know what Cursive is all about, or already using it and have questions? Come along for some feature demos and get all your questions answered.
  • Interest: @rarous @danskarda @almegren @conan @tomasd @sassela @raymcdermott @alexanderkiel @kristofsajdak @fdelisi @jehrhardt @nhat @katox @jtrtik
## Clojure Rest interfaces
  • Hosted by: ... Philipp Meier
  • Description: ... We've got quite a couple of libraries to implement "restful" web apis. As the maintainer of liberator, but using compojure-api, yada and also "plain" pedestal, I'd love talk with you about the state of the ecosphere, where we can improve and what is missing: HTTP/2, Websockets, GraphQL is coming and deserves some thoughts on how to be integrated. Come along and REST a little with us.
  • Interest: @janherich @fdelisi @jehrhardt @nhat @almegren @daveliepmann @alexanderkiel @adrienhaxaire
## Machine learning and data science in Clojure
  • Hosted by: Dave Liepmann (@daveliepmann)
  • Description: Clojure's machine-learning library ecosystem is growing, and Clojure is being used to build all sorts of exciting expert systems. Let's talk about our experiences applying Clojure to data science, problems in academia, natural language processing, machine learning, and that dreaded, misunderstood, winter-inducing term: artificial intelligence.
  • Interest: @vijaykiran @nonaryr @blueberry @ddosic @alexanderkiel @adrienhaxaire @daslu @nvlass @mi-mina @lorthos @jackrusher @gigasquid @sbelak @bbonev @vojta
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