This repository contains the database structure, SQL-queries and documentation that are interesting for sharing among EuroDEER managers, curators and users.
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EUropean ROe DEER project is an open, bottom-up network joined by 33 research centres and environmental institutes to produce collaborative science based on knowledge and data sharing to investigate the movement ecology of European deer in their different habitats and management regimes.

EURODEER GitHub repo: Docs and SQL code for db use and management

This repository contains the documentation of the EURODEER database structure and content. In addition, it stores the SQL queries and function used to maintain and update the database. It is shared among database managers, curators and users (i.e. EURODEER Project partners.

The repository is divided in subdirectories:

  • data_management: Data management (SQL code and functions for quality checks and data import, export, screening)
  • data_analysis: Data analysis (SQL code and functions for specific analysis performed inside and outside the database)
  • documentation: Documentation (Manuals to use the database and its functionalities/outputs)

Particularly relevant is the EURODEER User Guide.

While all files stored and shared in this repository are pretty specific to the EURODEER projects, in some cases can be of interest for similar projects.

For more information about the EURODEER Project, visit the EURODEER website.