PHP-based examples for the Europass REST API
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PHP Client for EWA Rest Web Services for documents conversion Version: 1.0.0


package europass_services

  • RestServicesHandler.php: The class that holds the functions implementing user input parsing, service attributes construction, request execution and response results display.
  • convert.php: The file convert.php is the script that uses RestServicesHandler class to run the service request, (equivalent to the java file that holds the main() function)

package europass_services_includes

  • globals.php: Holds the global parameters related to the EWA Rest Web Services (like URLs, name conventions, message regarding the response etc), as well as application-specific variables like input help messages



php -f convert.php <service-action-type>

Extended: (arguments in brackets are optional)

php -f convert.php <service-action-type> [-input -output -url -locale ]


service-action-type descr url extension
XMLtoPDF_CV_ESP XML to PDF CV+ESP /v1/document/to/pdf
XMLtoPDF_ESP XML to PDF ESP /v1/document/to/pdf-esp
XMLtoPDF_CV XML to PDF CV /v1/document/to/pdf-cv
XMLtoWORD XML to Word /v1/document/to/word
XMLtoODT XML to ODT /v1/document/to/opendoc
XMLtoJSON XML to JSON /v1/document/to/json
XMLtoUPGRADE XML Upgrade /v1/document/upgrade
PDFtoXML_EXTRACT XML Extraction /v1/document/extraction
JSONtoPDF_CV_ESP JSON to PDF CV+ESP /v1/document/to/pdf
JSONtoPDF_ESP JSON to PDF ESP /v1/document/to/pdf-esp
JSONtoPDF_CV JSON to PDF CV /v1/document/to/pdf-cv
JSONtoWORD JSON to Word /v1/document/to/word
JSONtoODT JSON to ODT /v1/document/to/opendoc
JSONtoXML_CV JSON to XML CV /v1/document/to/xml-cv
JSONtoXML_ESP JSON to XML ESP /v1/document/to/xml-esp
JSONtoXML_CV_ESP JSON to XML CV+ESP /v1/document/to/xml
  • -input : The file the content of who will be used as data content to the Rest Service request. If not given, a sample service-specific input file from input-files folder of europass_service package will be used.

  • -output : The file that will be used to store the contents of the response of the Rest Service. If not given, a sample file will be created in the output-files folder of europass_service.

IMPORTANT: When you pass -input and -output parameters, pay attention to directory formats like 'Documents and Settings'.In that case double quotes MUST be applied, for example: php -f convert.php XMLtoPDF_ESP -input "C:\Documents and Settings\jsmith\CVs\myEuropassXML-CV.xml"

  • -url : The Rest Service url on which the request will be made. If not given, the default service-specific url will be used

  • -locale : The locale that will be used in the Rest Service request. If not given, the default locale (en) will be used


  • To display details about the script's arguments usage, type 'php -f convert.php help'.

  • To display the list of the services name conventions (argument ), type 'php -f convert.php list'.

NOTE: Current application was tested on php / CLI (on a Windows installation). Some steps to run:

  • Get php (
  • Add php path into Windows PATH.
  • Configure php.ini to enable curl for php(under C:\Windows folder configure php.ini// uncomment extension=curl)