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Releases: europeana/fulltext-api

Version 0.9.6

29 Jun 11:44
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  • FIX Delete functionality in Annosyc
  • UPDATE the Alto xslt for HTR

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What's Changed

Full Changelog: fulltext-0.9.5...fulltext-0.9.6

Version 0.9.5

20 Jun 12:10
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  • FIX Annopage Info performance


What's Changed

  • EA-3457 optimise the annopageinfo retrval, remove duplicate code, fix… by @SrishtiSingh-eu in #120

Full Changelog: fulltext-0.9.4...fulltext-0.9.5

Version 0.9.4

19 Jun 13:42
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Version 0.9.3

16 May 15:06
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  • [v] added compatibility with textgranularity
  • [v] added textgranularity to Annotation pages
  • [v] implemented clustering for multilingual Annotation pages in the summary endpoint
  • [v] fixed 'index out of bounds' error in search

Version 0.9.2

28 Mar 09:09
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  • ADD Kubernetes configuration (+ run AnnoSync, Indexing and MetadataSync as CronJob)
  • ADD Maven profile for doing dependency checks
  • REFACTOR upgrade dependencies
  • REFACTOR switch to SpringFox

Version 0.9.1

23 Nov 14:03
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  • Add source field for translated items
  • Add validation of requested IIIF version to summary and search endpoints
  • Add validation of more configuration properties
  • Add support to sync annotations with Solr (not activated yet)
  • Refactor read annotations with based on "modified" property instead of "generated".
  • Refactor move validation of accept headers to commons module
  • Refactor update dependencies

Version 0.9.0

07 Sep 09:45
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  • Added support for multi-lingual Fulltext documents
  • Added integration with Annotations API; subtitles can now be automatically propagated to the Fulltext Infrastructure
  • Implemented endpoints for creating, updating and deleting Fulltext documents via the API
  • Added source field on AnnoPage, to contain the subtitle annotation URL from the Fulltext was generated
  • Added contributed field on Resource, indicating the provenance of the resource; true means user-contributed

Full Changelog:

Version 0.8.1 beta

04 Feb 10:27
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  • ADD multiple values for search text granularity
  • ADD Descriptions of endpoints in Swagger
  • FIX/REFACTOR unit tests
  • FIX/REFACTOR error handling

Version 0.8 beta

17 Nov 15:12
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  • ADD within-issue search (with page numbers)
  • ADD default text granularity configuration option
  • ADD Swagger + UI
  • FIX error handling now follows API standards
  • FIX CORS headers
  • REFACTOR optimized annopage retrieval when using textGranularity parameter
  • REFACTOR upgraded to latest Spring Boot version

Version 0.7 beta

24 Jun 13:57
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  • Update subtitles with license and source
  • Fix head request with content-type and charset
  • Server-side dereferencing for v2
  • Create a script to update DB with rights
  • Update API to expose edmRights
  • Filter on annotation types