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@ikattey ikattey released this Feb 12, 2021


  • Service description added to manifests


  • Swagger endpoint now supports cross-origin requests
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@ikattey ikattey released this Sep 15, 2020

  • Fixed Nullpointer on missing edmIsShownBy in manifest.
  • Improved order of media when generating manifest canvas.
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@SrishtiSingh-eu SrishtiSingh-eu released this Jun 12, 2020

  • Upgrade to Java 11
  • Fix media type for MPEG_DASH
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@P-Ehlert P-Ehlert released this May 26, 2020

This release only contains a quick fix for the EU-screen workaround (use other proxies as fallback if edmType is empty in the Europeana proxy)

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@P-Ehlert P-Ehlert released this Apr 22, 2020

REFACTOR include sounds in EU-Screen workaround and always set proper type (and not format) when applying the workaround
FIX changed error code 500 to 400 when provided apikey is empty

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@P-Ehlert P-Ehlert released this Mar 27, 2020

This release includes:

  • ADD Workaround where edmIsShownAt is used when there is no edmIsShownBy present for EUScreen items
  • REFACTOR use html attribution data instead of text
  • REFACTOR various updates to v3 to make it inline with the revised IIIF specification
  • FIX error response was given when Fulltext API is down
  • REMOVE id fields for sequence and image annotation in v2 manifests
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@Luthien-in-edhil Luthien-in-edhil released this Sep 30, 2019

ADDED A/V support (captions, subtitles) to manifests
ADDED IIIF v.3 manifest output
ADDED retrieving canvas width and height from manifest

IMPROVED hystrix (circuit breaker) configuration
IMPROVED performance bottlenecks

FIXED othercontent to be aligned with specifications

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Sep 30, 2019
[artifactory-release] Release version 0.5-alpha

@P-Ehlert P-Ehlert released this Mar 29, 2019

FIX bug in checking if full-texts exist

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@P-Ehlert P-Ehlert released this Nov 27, 2018

FIX only check for full-text links for europeana items
FIX enable hysterix circuit breaker

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