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Python and R services to access and handle Eurostat data
Jupyter Notebook Dockerfile
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Python and R for official statistics: self-contained services to access and handle Eurostat data


The project PRost is part of the Methodological Network initiative on user interfaces to Eurostat online database.

status since 2018 – on-going
license EUPL

Quick start

Launch a notebook running both R and Python: Binder with packages already installed to access Eurostat database!


Run your own script into a notebook, like in the examples below:


This contribution advocates for widening the use of Open Source Software (OSS) , "beyond just R", to:

  • support new modes for production of official statistics,
  • create new ways to share official statistics

in a constantly evolving data ecosystem,

While R is currently the leading OSS within the statistical community, and the most widespread in statistical organisations, it is believed that one should not focus on isolated OSS, instead it should be possible to implement statistical methods in whatever OSS that fit best and integrate them seamlessly into the statistical production system.

Today's technological solutions, e.g. flexible APIs (e.g., Eurostat REST API), interactive notebooks (e.g., Jupyter notebook) and virtualised containers (e.g., docker), can support an approach where algorithms are delivered as – portable, scalable, harmonised and encapsulated – services regardless of the software used.

The notebooks are running on the binder platform, which automatically turns the Dockerfile in this repository into an interactive notebook. Current Dockerfile is an extension of the Jupyter Data Science Stack.

Data sources

Software resources and services



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