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+title: Our official mobile app is Oleapark
+date: 2012-08-16 14:00 PM CEST
+tags: website
+author: Alex Coles
+body_class: article website
+published: true
+In case you haven't had the chance to use our website with your iPhone,
+iPad, or Android phone, our website is responsive and scales beautifully.
+If you're able to roam, we'd encourage you to consult our website for the
+latest schedule information. One limitation of our website though, is our
+ability to reach you. It's not quite as interactive as an experience as
+we would like.
+Rather than spend time and resources developing our own app, we've teamed up
+with Berlin-based startup, [Oleapark](
+![OleaPark Screenshot](/images/content/partners/oleapark_screenshot.png "OleaPark Screenshot")
+Each new event you attend doesn't need a separate app. Instead each event in
+OleaPark exists within a context called a "badge".
+When you're in a particular context (or have a badge displayed), you receive
+push notifications for that event, and can interact in a number of other ways.
+Not only can we send you push notifications to keep you up-to-date with any
+schedule changes or new _siesta-break_ activities, you can also use OleaPark
+to find other participants that you might be interested in meeting. OleaPark
+can even show you others with similar interests, based on Twitter and other
+social network data.
+Signup and [get your badge](
+Or download the apps for:
+* [App Store for iPhone][appstore]
+* [Google Play for Android][googleplay]
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