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+title: Preparing for the Rubinius workshop
+date: 2012-08-14 10:00 AM CEST
+tags: workshops
+author: Dirkjan Bussink
+body_class: article website
+published: true
+For the workshop on Rubinius to be a smooth experience, I would like to
+request from people to prepare. This preparation shouldn't take too
+long, but it would prevent everybody trying to download stuff all at
+once and having to wait for compilations at the start of the workshop.
+## Toolchain setup
+Disable any tool such as rvm, rbenv or whatever you use. I can't stress
+this enough to prevent any problems! Use your systems package
+manager to make sure you have a Ruby version available. If you're on OS
+X, you already have a system Ruby so you're ready to go. If you're on
+Linux, just use your package manager to install a Ruby version.
+For the people using Windows, sorry, but Rubinius doesn't build on
+Windows yet so try to get a vm with Linux setup or get a pairing partner
+with Linux or OS X and work with him or her. If you're angry about us
+not support Windows yet, please turn all that caremad power into code and
+help us get it running on Windows!
+Don't try to be smart and think, screw the instructions, I want to do it
+my way. I've tried this workshop with some colleagues where some people
+didn't follow the exact instructions. They came to regret it because a
+lot of steps got much more and they ended up enabling / disabling RVM
+all the time which was very annoying. It was holding them up or sometimes
+caused some head scratching as to why something didn't work.
+I've already optimized the process in a bunch of places for the workflow
+described here, so please follow along and don't try to be smart. If you
+feel I'm being pedantic here about, please know that I do this it to protect
+you as a participant in the workshop. I don't want us to spend a lot of
+time on build problems so that we're able to focus on the real content.
+For further instructions or required dependencies etc, please take a
+look at the [system requirements]( and please ignore the remark about RVM there. Also make sure you have
+libyaml and it's development headers installed (yes we should update the
+instructions with that).
+## Installation instructions
+These are the commands:
+git clone git://
+cd rubinius
+Please pay attention that you clone my repository here, not the standard
+Rubinius one.
+We also clone Veritas, a project written by Dan Kubb that will be part
+of DataMapper 2. It will be used because it exposed a bug in the
+Rubinius VM that we will be fixing in the second part of the workshop.
+It uses Bundler, so let's install it in our Rubinius clone.
+./bin/rbx -S gem install bundler
+Clone the Veritas repository. Please note that again I've prepared a
+copy with some additional stuff we'll use in my fork of the project.
+cd ..
+git clone git://
+Assuming that you have the rubinius and veritas clone in the same directory,
+let's bundle install it.
+cd veritas
+../rubinius/bin/rbx -S bundle install
+You're now all setup for the workshop. If you have any issues with
+getting this stuff up and running, please email me at
+[]( or grab me at
+Eurucamp on Friday morning or during lunch before the workshop starts.
2 source/blog/2012-08-14-win-tshirts-senior-developer.html.markdown
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title: Win yourself a Señor Developer T-shirt
-date: 2012-08-14
+date: 2012-08-14 9:00 AM CEST
tags: workshops
author: Alex Coles
body_class: article website

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