Infiltrating Telecoms using Ruby - Ben Langfeld #109

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Telephony is an exciting world, but most people still see it as impossibly complicated. Using Adhearsion and the versatility of Ruby, really powerful open source voice apps are possible, using tools already familiar to open source developers. This is a topic about which I am passionate, and I love to see the surprise and excitement in people's eyes when they realize how COOL it is to make a phone ring from a computer (even if it seems boring and everyday, it really still does make people smile). Adhearsion is a unique project in the open source world in that the telephony industry is still dominated by closed-source vendors and products. Adhearsion aims to change this by making telephony and voice application development accessible to everyone.

NB: Adhearsion 2.0 will be released in early April, easily in time for the conference.

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