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+# A Case of Accidental Concurrency
+Concurrency is all the rage these days, and people can't seem to agree
+whether Threads, Fibers, event loops, or actors are the best
+solution. But did you ever consider that your *sequential* Ruby
+program might be concurrent, with nary a Thread, Fiber, or callback in
+sight? Well, it happened to me.
+This is the story of how accidental concurrency (also known as
+re-entrancy) broke my brain multiple times over the course of two
+years, spawned flamewars on Twitter, long blog posts, and the various
+solutions I took to solve the problem. Along the way we'll illuminate
+some subtleties of concurrent programming in Ruby, differences between
+several Ruby implementations, and how we can all write code that is
+friendlier when accidental concurrency strikes.
+## Sean Cribbs
+Sean is a Software Engineer for Basho Technologies, where he hacks in
+Ruby, Erlang, and JavaScript (and occasionally Python) on the client
+interfaces to Riak, Basho's distributed, fault-tolerant database. A
+prolific open-source author and contributor, he maintains
+Webmachine(-Ruby) and Ripple, and previously maintained Radiant CMS.
+- [Website](
+- [Twitter](
+- [Github](
+- "Resources, For Real This Time", given at RubyConf '11, RubyConf
+ Uruguay '11, NYC.rb:
+ [(video)](
+ [(slides)](
+ [(slide source and code)](
+- "Embrace Eventual Consistency and NoSQL with Ripple", given at
+ RubyConf Argentina '11:
+ [(slides)](
+- "Wrap your SQL Head around Riak MapReduce", given at
+ [Berlin Buzzwords '11](,
+ [StrangeLoop '11](
+ [(slides)](
+ [(slide source)](
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