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Arduino, Ruby & Sinatra - The Internet Of Things's Rat Pack #60

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5v3n commented Mar 18, 2012

Frank, Sammy & Dean were a great team known as the "Rat Pack". What's true for these fellows is also true for Sinatra, Ruby and Arduino.

We all know and love Ruby, no introduction necessary. Sinatra enables us to publish web services in the blink of an eye. Arduino is an Open Source (yeah!) Hardware (what?) Prototyping platform (huh?) that some of you may have heard of at last years Euruko's great introductory talk on the subject.

To put it short: the Internet of Things is rising and although being a hardware centric concept it still needs some middleware <3 to negotiate. That's where Arduino (Dean), Sinatra (Frank) and Ruby (Sammy) get together for rapid prototyping and instant awesomeness!


+1 This talk proposal sounds awesome! :)

paukul commented Mar 18, 2012

+1 fo shizzle!

DouweM commented Mar 18, 2012

👍 I, too, would love to hear this talk!


👍 If you would include Lilypad – I will attend Euruko too! :)

tlossen commented Mar 20, 2012


csgui commented Mar 20, 2012

Great. +1.

ys commented Mar 20, 2012

Great idea! Can't wait to see it! No way you are not choosen! +1


+1 - sounds great.




+1 I need this

ayosec commented Mar 21, 2012



+1 | like | <3


+1 :D





5v3n commented Apr 9, 2012

great to see all the <3 around! :-)

@glenngillen : perhaps you're even more engaged after hearing where all the stuff is hosted ;-)

5v3n commented Apr 15, 2012

Thanks again for all the +1s!

We'll have a workshop / hacktable at Makers & Co. HQ on the subject - if you're genuinely curious and in town feel free to drop by:

Don't worry if you can't make it - we'll meet in Amsterdam and you can ask all your questions you have there.

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