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As Ruby on Rails projects become larger and more complex, more local and remote services are needed by the applications. New teammates, unequal distribution of knowledge, keeping the setup documentation up-to-date, running the test infrastructure and many more problems can easily get out of control.

Find out, how to successfully manage the chaos using real world solutions. We want to share our project experiences using an automated setup, heaps of Ruby tools, complex deployment scripts and the use of cloud services to save time, money and lots of headache.

Watch more in the video:

Mateusz Sojka added some commits Mar 26, 2012

Guess we have all been at that point - learning about a good and proven solution wouldn't hurt!




+1 Developing an automated setup template for large environments that works for most if not all of your projects is really the hard part nowadays. Especially if you don't want to remember what's special in each of your server setups. I wish it would be a no-brainer these days...



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