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@@ -87,9 +87,9 @@ <h1 title="Euruko">EuRuKo<b title="2012">2012</b></h1>
<h2>S. Cribbs</h2>
- <a href="/speakers.html#steve-klabnik">
- <img src="/images/speakers/steve-klabnik.jpg" alt="Steve Klabnik" width="94" height="94">
- <h2>S. Klabnik</h2>
+ <a href="/speakers.html#terence-lee">
+ <img src="/images/speakers/terence-lee.jpg" alt="Terence Lee" width="94" height="94">
+ <h2>T. Lee</h2>
<a href="/speakers.html#eloy-duran">
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<td><time datetime="2012-06-02 10:45">10:45</time></td>
- <td>Designing Hypermedia APIs</td>
- <td><a href="/speakers.html#steve-klabnik">Steve Klabnik</a></td>
+ <td>Bundle install Y U SO SLOW</td>
+ <td><a href="/speakers.html#terence-lee">Terence Lee</a></td>
<td><time datetime="2012-06-02 11:45">11:45</time></td>
@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ <h2 id="bruno-aguirre">Bruno Aguirre</h2>
<footer><a href="">Website</a> - <a href="">Twitter</a> - <a href="">Github</a></footer>
Bruno is an old school coder who enjoys complex problems and simple solutions.
- He works at Cubox in Uruguay helping startups make their dreams come true. His love for
+ He works at Cubox in Uruguay helping startups make their dreams come true. His love for
new languages is stronger than ever, with Ruby, Python and Javascript under his belt he
is now starting to fall in love with Go!
@@ -147,17 +147,18 @@ <h2 id="sean-cribbs">Sean Cribbs</h2>
<section class="speaker">
- <img src="/images/speakers/steve-klabnik.jpg" alt="Steve Klabnik" width="160" height="160">
+ <img src="/images/speakers/terence-lee.jpg" alt="Terence Lee" width="160" height="160">
- <h2 id="steve-klabnik">Steve Klabnik</h2>
- <h3>Hackety Hack</h3>
- <h4>Designing Hypermedia APIs</h4>
+ <h2 id="terence-lee">Terence Lee</h2>
+ <h3>Heroku</h3>
+ <h4>Bundle install Y U SO SLOW</h4>
- <footer><a href="">Website</a> - <a href="">Twitter</a> - <a href="">Github</a></footer>
- <p>A teacher, aspiring digital humanities scholar and open source developer, Steve is just an all round great guy!</p>
- <p>Steve maintains the Hackety Hack project, which allows anyone to learn software development via Ruby. He was a Ruby Hero in 2011 and is involved with many Ruby-based open source projects. Steve also teaches the best Ruby and Rails classes on Earth with Jumpstart Lab.</p>
- <p>True story : Many kids have asked for Steves autograph thinking that he is Skrillex!</p>
- <p>Instead of EuRuKo trying for the largest Friday Hug, this year we will be aiming for the largest number of audience member with a Skrillex haircut!</p>
+ <footer><a href="">Website</a> - <a href="">Twitter</a> - <a href="">Github</a></footer>
+ <p>Terence works at Heroku, maintaining the Ruby stack and some OSS projects such as Bundler and Resque. On his free time, he helps the Rails Girls movement. When he's not going to an awesome Heroku or Ruby event, he lives in Austin, TX, the taco capital of America.</p>
+ <p>This talk tells the shortcomings of Bundler 1.0 and how Bundler 1.1 aims to increase developer happiness. This includes the story of working with the gemcutter team to add an API to <a href=""></a> and building support to make bundle install significantly faster in 1.1. Finally, the talk will conclude with
+ plans for the future in Bundler 1.2 and beyond to further make application development easier.</p>
+ <p>People will walk away with a better understanding of how bundler works and features to help ease app development pain while
+ using it.</p>

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