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logo is now linked to the homepage

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1 parent 6a4d086 commit c4fa84c2bf836d9d8acf032f6c222010b67e9850 @dhiemstra dhiemstra committed May 18, 2012
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2 _includes/header.html
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
- <img src="/images/logo.png" alt="">
+ <a href="/"><img src="/images/logo.png" alt=""></a>
<h1 title="Euruko">EuRuKo<b title="2012">2012</b></h1>
<h2><time datetime="2012-06-01">01</time> &amp; <time datetime="2012-06-02">02 <b class="month">june</b> <b class="year">2012</b></time>

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