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GitHub Data Challenge 2014 Entry

Theme: Quest for True Names


Challenge announcement:

Key Findings

  • What are typical words used for variable names and function names? Answer: we got a list.
  • Are they different in different languages? Answer: Yes, they are!
  • We can assume nouns are commonly used for variables, and verbs for functions. Is there an interesting connection between them? Answer: Yes, there is!
  • Result page:


  • Examine source code in three major languages: C, Java and Python.
  • List the names for variables, functions (methods) and types (classes).
  • Count common words from each list, and see if an interesting statistics emerges.

Data We Used

  • Pick the top 100 repositories (in terms of Stars) that are labelled as each language. (via GitHub Search API, cf. [Obtained at Aug. 8, 2014]
  • List all the files: (Caveats: We excluded non-ASCII filenames.)
    • C: 110,705 files (including header files)
    • Java: 94,635 files
    • Python: 33,710 files
  • Randomly pick files for each language that has reasonable file size. (1KB-100KB)
    • C: 7,381 files (80MB in total)
    • Java: 7,764 files (53MB in total)
    • Python: 5,872 files (56MB in total)
  • In order to mitigate the data skewness, we limited the maximum number of files for each repository to 100.

Language Parsing

  • We used ANTLR4 for C and Java (cf., and ast module for Python (cf.
  • C Caveats: ANTLR4 cannot handle preprocessor directives, so we stripped out #defines and #includes from the code. After all, we're interested in a source code for human readers, not for compilers. But this left a certain number of non-syntactic C codes. (e.g. int func(void *p, EXTRA_ARGS); )
  • Python Caveats: Mixture of Python 2 and 3 code. The compiler.ast module handles both pretty well.
  • The following names were excluded: one-letter names, "assert" as a function name, and "self" as a variable name (in Python).