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# ps3mfw -- PS3 MFW creator
# Copyright (C) Anonymous Developers (Code Monkeys)
# This software is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public
# License ("GPL") version 3, as published by the Free Software Foundation.
# Priority: 2300
# Description: Patch firmware for installation shop/promo unit
# Option --patch-promo-flags: Patch promo_flags file
# Option --patch-update-flags: Patch update_flags file
# Option --patch-version: Append string to build version
# Type --patch-promo-flags: boolean
# Type --patch-update-flags: boolean
# Type --patch-version: string
namespace eval ::patch_shop {
array set ::patch_shop::options {
--patch-promo-flags true
--patch-update-flags true
--patch-version "Promotional-to-Retail"
proc main {} {
if {$::patch_shop::options(--patch-promo-flags)} {
debug "Patching [file tail $::CUSTOM_PROMO_FLAGS_TXT]"
set fd [open $::CUSTOM_PROMO_FLAGS_TXT w]
puts -nonewline $fd "0"
close $fd
if {$::patch_shop::options(--patch-update-flags)} {
debug "Patching [file tail $::CUSTOM_UPDATE_FLAGS_TXT]"
set fd [open $::CUSTOM_UPDATE_FLAGS_TXT w]
puts -nonewline $fd "0300"
close $fd
if {$::patch_shop::options(--patch-version) != ""} {
append ::options(--build-suffix) "($::patch_shop::options(--patch-version))"
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