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GZip compatible compressor.
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CafeUndZopfli is a compression library programmed in Java.

CafeUndZopfli is based on the Zopfli Compression Algorithm, see:

To compress data create a Zopfli class instance and invoke Zopfli.compress. Zopfli.compress is synchronized. CafeUndZopfli extensively preallocates memory to avoid in-flight GC. The amount of memory is about 48 times the master block size.

Zopfli.compress supports deflate, gzip and zlib output format with a parameter.

This library can only compress, not decompress data. Use an existing zlib or deflate library to decompress the data.

The JAR contains the main class, and can be used as a standalone application.

To build the binary, use "ant".

CafeUndZopfli was created by Eugene Klyuchnikov, based on the Zopfli Compression Algorithm by Lode Vandevenne and Jyrki Alakuijala.

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