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Comments Evolved

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Comments Evolved for HTML is two small PHP functions for activating various commenting systems on any php based website.

If you're looking for integration on WordPress, or just want to see the "original" (very little of that code remains), then there is a plugin page and a GitHub repo you can look at.


In the _settings/commentsevolved.default.php file, change the Disqus Shortname and API Key to your own. To obtain these will need to sign up your site and register an applicatiom.

You may also wish to change the default Publisher and Author IDs if your are planning to use CommentsEvolved_Header.


To use, do somethings like this.

$Canonical = ''
$HTML_Safe_Title = 'Hello Owl';

require '_functions/CommentsEvolved/autoload.php';
// Adds a Canonical, Stylesheet, and Google Author and Publisher Links.
echo CommentsEvolved_Header($Canonical);

echo CommentsEvolved_Comments($Canonical, $HTML_Safe_Title);

/* CommentsEvolved_Comments(
	$Canonical, // Canonical URL
	$HTML_Safe_Title, // HTML Safe Title
	$Disqus [boolean: true, false; default: true;], // Disqus Comments
	$Facebook [boolean: true, false; default: true;], // Facebook Comments
	$GooglePlus [boolean: true, false; default: false;], // Google Plus Comments - EXPERIMENTAL
	$Load_jQuery [boolean: true, false; default: true;], // Load jQuery
); */