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If you would like to get involved in the EUTelescope development - all contributions are highly welcome! :)

Getting Started

General guidelines

  • make atomic commits (aka commit often)
  • for anything but trivial changes (e.g. affecting documentation only) please do not work on the master branch, but create a feature branch (see below for instructions)
  • use descriptive commit messages -- for an example, see below
  • follow the style (indentation, naming schemes for variables, ...) of the existing code, where possible

Making Changes

Have you fixed a bug already or would like to contribute your own processor into the main repository? Then please fork the project and issue a pull request using these instructions:

  • now add the newly forked repository as a git remote to your local EUTelescope installation and rename the original repository to 'upstream':
cd $ILCSOFT/Eutelescope/trunk
git remote rename origin upstream
git remote add origin[YOUR GITHUB USER HERE]/eutelescope
git remote -v show
  • create and checkout a new branch for the feature you are developing based on the master branch:
git branch my_feature_branch master
git checkout my_feature_branch
  • now edit away on your local clone! But keep in sync with the development in the upstream repository by running
git pull upstream master

on a regular basis. Replace master by the appropriate branch if you work on a separate one within the main repository.

  • Commit often using a descriptive commit message in the form of
This is a concrete and condensed headline for your commit

After the headline followed by an empty line, add a more thorough
description of what you have changed and why.  Refer to any issues on
GitHub affected by the commit by writing something along the lines of
e.g. 'this addresses issue eutelescope/eutelescope#1' to refer to the
first issue in the main repository.  
  • push the edits to origin (your fork)
git push origin my_feature_branch
  • verify that your changes made it to your GitHub fork and then click there on the 'compare & pull request' button

  • summarize your changes and click on 'send'

  • now we will review your changes and comment on anything unclear; any further commits you will make before the pull request is merged will also end up in the same pull request, so you can easily add or correct parts of your contribution while the review is ongoing.

Additional Resources

Using GitHub Pull Requests

Using mark-down e.g. in issues, comments or the wiki

Some GitHub mark-down specialties

General help on GitHub